How I Spent $700 Building a 'Life Aquatic' Mechanical Keyboard

It’s a Waiting Game

is a movie that I like quite a lot, and a major component of my affinity is the delightful design and colors. So, when Drop launched the GMK Belafonte keyset in spring 2020, I jumped on it. GMK is a German company that bought the original keycap tooling from Cherry Corp. some years back, and they still use it to make Cherry profile keycaps. In my opinion, these are the finest keycaps money can buy thanks to the thick ABS plastic, sharp double-shot legends, and fantastic colorways, but the cost and wait times are getting wild. This keyset shipped a year after the group buy opened on Drop, and that’s without any delays — a year would be a mercifully short wait if you ordered one now. The manufacturing queue is no joke.. It was available with a light blue cerakote (ceramic coating) over an aluminum chassis, which seemed preferable to anodizing or paint due to the unique look and high-quality finish, which I felt would be a great match for the keycaps. The board was supposed to ship before the keycaps, but well, it didn’t., which are a light but loud clicky switch. That seemed most appropriate given the nature of the project.

An Expensive Waiting Game

The Culmination

Now for the question that’s probably on your mind; i

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